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Visions of a Philadelphia Renaissance at the Art Sanctuary

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West Philadelphia Artist Parking Meter Murals

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Inlander Needed Inspiration News Article Art In Spokane

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Eastern Washington University Artist Talk

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Art Hour Radio Interview With Jesse Swanson and Nile Livingston

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Visual Art Public Radio Interview with Verne Windham

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The Spokesman Review

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Guest Speaker at Kutztown University Big Art Day

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verbal connections in proud neighbor magazine

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Philly Mural Arts Homeless Youth

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featured artist funtimes mag

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west philly local news artist feature

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consciousness magazine interview

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The Philadelphia Inquirer - Baltimore Ave

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The Philadelphia Inquirer - West Philly Art

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Nile Livingston in Cred Mag Philly

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Nelson Mandela Artwork on the cover of Pride

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There is so much to see and learn about, and for that my passions are extremely charged and my artworks are the by-product of my consciousness. Similar to a public diary entry, each installation reveals pieces of an evolving story. For me, art is a catharsis.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, requests, advice, stories, jokes, etc.


Overflowing with color, energy, and optimism: I’m a social activist and proud Kutztown University alumni immersed in community building and entrepreneurship. Philly Voice’s Historic Philadelphia Ten- a selection of 10 women making bold statements through art. 


© Nile Livingston. All Rights Reserved.