Artist, Vegan, Entrepreneur, Awareness

My life is an exploration on how to live well and I’m using this online platform to share some of my recipes, artworks, thoughts and interactions. Each new post is like a diary entry, documenting my own becoming as a creative, intellectual and spiritual person. It’s how I connect and build strong relationships with people.

In my spare time I enjoy fixing raw vegan meals, meditating, lounging with my two cats, sprouting house plants, listening to good music, traveling, biking and reading anything my curiosity leads me to.

I serve in my local community organization and volunteer for a non-profit offers mentors to small businesses nationally. I studied large scale metal fabrication at Kutztown University and have taken courses in computer graphics, animation, ceramics, painting and drawing. I enjoy belonging to an investment club and planning business ventures that helps everyone involved succeed together.

My mission is to produce life affirming expressions that comes from being present and awake to the world.

nile livingston

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